Intelligent Security Operations

Intelligent Security Operations

Rapid investigation, response, and remediation

Keeping your security posture current and efficient

Optimizing security operations enables you to identify gaps in your security programs, plan or mature your security operations center (SOC), and respond quickly to a security breach, minimizing downtime and damage to business.

Our closed-loop threat defense lifecycle framework makes it easy to integrate, monitor, and orchestrate security solutions while also unifying visibility, investigation workflows, and reporting. Through a strategic program linked to sustainable practices and systems, we help enterprises improve the effectiveness and resilience of security operations. Leveraging the experience of Foundstone Professional Services, we offer more than technology, including threat assessments, staff augmentation, forensic expertise, emergency incident response services, priority access to research and intelligence, and optimized programs and systems for your security posture.

ESG Research: Automation and Analytics versus the Chaos of Cybersecurity Operations

Learn what high-performing security organizations are doing to make measurable improvements in their cybersecurity analytics and operations architecture.

Find security gaps and reduce response time

Assess security operations

Deep-dive analysis of security frameworks identifies gaps and provides commensurate solutions.

Improve incident response

Expose threats that are hiding in your environment with real-time investigation tools and single-click correction.

Pre-empt advanced cyberattacks

Find vulnerabilities, forecast attacks, and either block or prevent them from exfiltrating data.

Intelligent Security Operations offerings

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense

Detect sophisticated attacks, unlock powerful threat analysis capabilities that extend beyond the traditional sandbox, and instantly share out new threat intelligence across your environment.

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McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (SIEM)

With a new analyst SOC workspace, you can navigate and interpret high volumes of complex and contextual security incidents with smarter threat management tools.

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Leverage our open communications fabric to efficiently share threat intelligence. Join our OpenDXL ecosystem of multiple players to learn, share, and innovate so you can make your security posture more robust.

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McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense & Response

Better integration of data and processes with advanced analytics gives your security team the essential information to identify, triage, scope, and respond quickly to emerging threats.

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McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange

Combine global threat information with locally collected intelligence and share it instantly, allowing your security solutions to operate as one.

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Strategic Consulting Services

Incident response program development, hands-on security assessments, and skilled threat researchers to augment your existing SOC staff are just a few of the services available from our skilled Foundstone team.

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The pillars of Intelligent Security Operations

Intelligent Advanced Threat Management

McAfee helps you wade through the onslaught of threat data so you can accurately assess your threat, risk, and overall security posture. We separate the signals from the noise, elevating the most relevant threat data and ensuring that critical intelligence is easily shared across your environment.

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Automate Incident Response

When attacks strike, McAfee is here. With an integrated security operations platform, freeze attacks fast—often without human intervention—and deliver detailed forensics to your first responders. And with McAfee Professional Services, you can build your incident response program and access emergency services when you need extra, specialized support.

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Integrate Security Infrastructure

Siloed infrastructures are no longer effective. Here’s how technology and process integration enable automation and, ultimately, lead to security that delivers stronger protection, detection, and response.

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Learn more about Intelligent Security Operations

White Paper

Sustainable Security Operations

Adopt an optimized approach to security infrastructure that encourages collaboration and visibility across the enterprise.

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Optimizing Security Operations

Integrate and automate security operations for more effective threat and risk management.

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The Changing Landscape of Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

Integration and automation are the answer to fragmented security operations, tool complexity, and a rapidly changing threat landscape.

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